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Ashley A. Stanfield
I love to cook, write, and eat. And I really love to share this information with the world. I started when I realized the amount of misinformation out there in regard to cooking and food. So I decided to start gathering up everything I could, from recipes to cooking tips to restaurant reviews, to create a resource that people would actually use and enjoy. I think it's important to be passionate about food and enjoy cooking it and eating it. This is my way of sharing all that knowledge with you.

Georgina Hayden’s horiatiki salata – the remaining Greek salad

Tomatoes are one of the hero substances in Greek cooking. They are the bottom of the maximum of our ingredients – stewed, battered, pureed; you’ll even find them made into glycol, a sweet keep. There is nothing quite like ingesting them uncooked in a traditional Greek salad. It shows off the great Greek produce: candy tomatoes, salty, fatty olives, peppery extra virgin olive oil, and creamy, tangy feta.

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Throw in a wicker chair and a paper tablecloth, and I’m in heaven. Peel and finely slice the red onion. Place in a large bowl with the red wine vinegar and leave to one side for 15 mins. Roughly chop and slice the tomatoes. Trim and reduce the cucumber in 1/2 lengthways, then cut into 1/2 moons. Halve the pepper, discard the seeds, and finely slice it into crescents.

Place the chopped veg in the bowl with the onions and tear in the olives, discarding the stones. Season well and toss together with the olive oil. Transfer to a platter and top with the feta slab. Sprinkle over the oregano leaves, sparkling or dried, and serve immediately.

Diana HenHenry’sast tomatoes and lentils with dukkah-crumbed eggs

You will come to be with extra dukkah than you want for this dish. However, it seems stupid to make a smaller quantity. Put it into an airtight box and keep it for sprinkling on braised beans or bean purees or eating with difficult-boiled eggs and radishes. If you choose, you can use pumpkin seeds in preference to sunflower seeds.

To make the dukkah, place the hazelnuts in a dry frying pan and toast excessively until they smell toasted. Be cautious no longer about moving too far; they burn very effortlessly. Tip them onto a plate to cool a little, then crush them in a mortar to a coarsely ground mixture. Put the sesame seeds into the dry frying pan with the nigella and toast till the sesame seeds are golden. Follow with the sunflower seeds.

Roughly weigh down all the toasted seeds and upload them to the nuts. Toast the coriander seeds until they are odor toasted, then grind them very kindly. Do the equal with the peppercorns, then the cumin seeds. Combine the nuts, seeds, and toasted spices with paprika and salt. Store in a jar or other airtight field until you need it.

For the tomatoes, preheat the oven to 190C/gas mark five. Lay the tomatoes in a single layer in a roasting tin. Mix the olive oil and harissa collectively and pour over. Turn to coat, ending cut side up, then sprinkle with sugar and season—roast inside the oven for 45 mins, or until caramelized in parts and slightly shrunken.

Meanwhile, prepare dinner for the lentils. Heat the oil in a saucepan and gently sauté the onion, celery, and garlic until gentle but not colored. Add the lentils and flip them over in the oil—Chuck in the thyme and bay leaf. Pour in 700ml water, season gently, convey to a boil, reduce the warmth, and simmer, uncovered, till the lentils are simply gentle.

Depending on their age, this should take 15-25 mins, so watch them; they can flip to mush quickly. When they may be cooked, they need to have absorbed all of the liquid (truly drain them if they havhaven’tRemove the thyme and bay leaf. Add the lemon juice. Mix the vinegar and additional virgin oil collectively and stir it into the lentils with the coriander—taste for seasoning. Cook the eggs in boiling water for 6 minutes.

They ought to still be a bit runny within the middle. Rinse them in cold water and speedy peel once cool enough to deal with. Roll them lightly inside the dukkah and set every on top of a serving of lentils and tomatoes, or if you favor seeing the yolk, ruin the egg in half and sprinkle a few dukkah on a pinnacle. Serve straight away. From A Change of Appetite: Where scrumptious meets healthy via Diana Henry (Mitchell Beazley, £25)

Salmorejo is a thick, bloodless tomato soup that Andalusian humans commonly devour as a starter at some stage in summer while it’it’siling. The dish begins in Cordoba, where the temperature can reach 42C in August. Here, I serve it with smoked sardines, as we did at my restaurant Pizarro; however, you could upload fruit consisting of melon or grapes to make it even fresher, in case you decide.

First, ease the sardines. Wash nicely, then do away with the heads, slit the bellies,, and remove the insides. Then, with a pointy knife and arms, pull out the bones. This will depart you with butterflied fillets. Alternatively, you can ask your fishmonger to try this for you. Lay the fish on board, skin-facet up, and allow the pores and skin to dry out a bit simultaneously as you put together the relaxation of the dish. To make the salmorejo, position the tomatoes in a blender with the bread, garlic, vinegar, and olive oil—season well and blitz, including a little cold water to loosen. Season again to flavor and relax within the fridge.

Cook the eggs in boiling water for six-7 mins, then cool in cold water.

To make the croutons, fry the bread in olive oil with lemon thyme until golden and crisp. Sprinkle with sea salt and drain on kitchen paper.

Line a wok with foil and scatter with a few timber chips and herbs. Press a twine rack over the wood chichips’nnacle within the wok, ensuring it suits the inside snugly. Place the fish skin side down at the frame, then cowl the top with a lid or extra foil to stop the smoke from escaping. Place over medium warmth and, as quickly as plumes of smoke have started, smoke for 10-15 mins until cooked through. Sprinkle with the fruit vinegar.

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