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Ashley A. Stanfield
I love to cook, write, and eat. And I really love to share this information with the world. I started when I realized the amount of misinformation out there in regard to cooking and food. So I decided to start gathering up everything I could, from recipes to cooking tips to restaurant reviews, to create a resource that people would actually use and enjoy. I think it's important to be passionate about food and enjoy cooking it and eating it. This is my way of sharing all that knowledge with you.

Some desserts are so rich and decadent that they’re for a special occasion. If you make healthy choices with your recipes, you can have your treats more often. Plant-based Chocolate and fresh fruit are some dessert ingredients you can have daily. Try one of the delicious ideas on this list for wholesome and nutritious ways to enjoy a satisfying snack.

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1. Plant-Based Chocolate Bars

If you’re a rich dark chocolate or creamy milk chocolate fan, a plant-based chocolate bar can be a treat you enjoy daily. Vegan chocolate bars made with organic cacao or dairy-free oat milk offer a delicious taste with lower sugar. If you’re a fan of creamy white Chocolate, you will find healthy alternatives made with oat milk or flavored with tasty inclusions like almond butter or vegan toffee. Enjoy delicious craft chocolate and keep your portions under control with bite-size chocolate bars. Little squares of vegan dark Chocolate or smooth oat milk chocolate offer a healthy and tasty option. Take your mini chocolate bars as a snack or while traveling.

2. Chocolate-Dipped Fruit

Low-carb dark Chocolate and nutrient-rich fruit make for a satisfying DIY treat. Melted Chocolate and your choice of fruit, such as strawberries or bananas, make for a delicious dessert low in calories and added sugar. Eat whole fruit or sample slices for a tasty handheld snack. You can even put your fruit on metal skewers or wooden popsicle sticks. To make it healthy, choose ultra-dark Chocolate made with pure organic cacao. If you like tropical fruit, you can try using kiwi or mango. More delicious choices of fresh fruit include raspberries and blueberries. Besides berries, you can even dip grapes or citrus fruits such as oranges.

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3. Iced Fruit Pops

Cool off and enjoy your favorite fruit in an icy fruit pop. They’re refreshing and easy to make at home. Best of all, they’re healthy with a simple list of ingredients you already have in your pantry. All you need is your favorite recipe and a silicone popsicle mold with sticks to hold your ice pops. Our favorite popsicle recipes are simple and feature fresh fruit flavors.

Strawberry fruit pops are an instant summer classic featuring fresh strawberries and a sweetener like maple syrup or agave nectar. If you’d like, you can make it creamy when you add coconut milk or another non-dairy milk. A hint of lemon juice can help brighten the smooth strawberry flavor. Blend your ingredients in a blender and pour the fruit mixture into your silicone mold. Add a popsicle stick, and then freeze the pops overnight. Or keep your pops tropical with mango chunks and a splash of fresh lime juice. Other favorite flavors include strawberry-kiwi and blueberry coconut.

4. Drinking Chocolate

Do you like your desserts in beverage form? Drinking Chocolate is one of the healthiest and most satisfying treats around. Drinking chocolate crumbles made with bittersweet dark chocolate offer a rich, fudgy flavor you may not get from your usual hot cocoa. Add it to a big ceramic mug and create a cozy ritual. First, melt your Chocolate and combine it with scalding non-dairy milk. Instead of sugar, you can flavor your hot beverage with spices like ginger or cardamom. Cinnamon or black pepper add warm, spicy notes to your drink. Add some texture with roasted cacao nibs on top.

5. Chocolate Nut Butter Oatmeal Bars

Chocolate nut butter oatmeal bars look so beautiful and taste so delicious that you won’t believe they include only four ingredients. This easy no-bake recipe features healthy old-fashioned rolled oats mixed with your favorite nut butter. Choose classic protein-rich peanut butter or creamy almond butter for a tasty and wholesome treat. Sunflower or cashew butter also works well in this recipe.

Once you select your nut butter, add pure maple syrup and non-alkalized cocoa powder. Vanilla extract and sea salt give the bars a delicious dessert flavor. Mix in chocolate chips or drizzle the bars with melted baking chocolate to add tasty inclusions or toppings. Share them, and you’ll get compliments on your unique recipe.

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6. Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is so creamy and well-flavored with uplifting spices that we could eat it any day of the week. A plant-based rice pudding recipe keeps the dessert healthy, even if it becomes your go-to treat. To make vegan rice pudding, you need short-grain white rice and unsweetened plant-based milk like oat or almond milk. Vanilla and sugar give the pudding sweetness, but you can substitute for alternatives like maple syrup.

It’s also possible to try the recipe with less sugar or use ingredients like vanilla beans to help give the pudding more flavor. The coconut cream gives the dessert a rich buttery taste, but you can switch it to almond or oat milk cream. Salt is an optional ingredient but will enhance the final product. When you’re finished cooking your rice pudding, serve it with a sprinkle of cinnamon or cocoa powder on top. Incorporate raisins into the mixture, or infuse your recipe with nuts. Some of the best nuts for rice pudding include pecans and even pine nuts.

Healthy, Wholesome Choices for Your Next Dessert

If you thought you couldn’t have dessert every day, think again! You can enjoy tasty treats if you make smart choices. Inspect the ingredients in your recipes, and then go with plant-based and low-sugar products to make healthier snacks and baked goods. Your body and mind will appreciate your substitutions and swaps! With so much delicious and organic Chocolate, your taste buds will also thank you.

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