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Armenian fruit preserves and juices are already 1
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YEREVAN, JULY 26, ARMENPRESS. It’s already extra than 10 days the Armenian canned food merchandise are provided on the Fresh Farms, considered one of the most important exchange community agencies in Chicago of the USA State of Illinois.

The primary days’ turnover has proven that there’s a hobby closer to the Armenian products, Paruyr Sargsyan – Business Armenia’s authentic representative to Chicago, marketing consultant to the Honorary Consul of Armenia, stated in an interview to ARMENPRESS. He significantly contributed to the enterprise of those works.

“In addition to setting up cultural ties, one of the Consulate and Business Armenia desires is likewise to deepen the financial ties and import the Armenian items to Chicago. We held many talks, conferences with the massive agencies operating in Illinois and reached a settlement with the Fresh Farms to provide the Armenian manufacturing”, he stated, declaring that Armenian goods are imported to and bought in Illinois for the primary time, moreover, in this kind of huge market.

Armenian fruit preserves and juices


Paruyr Sargsyan stated human beings in Chicago were privy to the Armenian manufacturing because migrants from Eastern Europe, such as Polish people, Bulgarians, live in that part of the kingdom and are aware of Armenia and its merchandise. Analyzing the sale of the primary days, Sargsyan stated the 10-day turnover confirmed that there might be an interest; people purchase the products, however, not with a big amount. “Juices are almost sold, but jams and fruit preserves might be bought steadily related with the season,” he stated.

Armenia’s Honorary Consul to Chicago Oscar Tatosyan helped organize the sale of Armenian goods in one extra US country. Firstly the goods are transported to New York, then are added to Chicago. The Armenian items have been offered in New York lengthy ago. However, they may be in Chicago for the primary time.

Paruyr Sargsyan knows that they will increase the illustration of the goods in partnership with Business Armenia, preserve talks also with the last principal American organizations for promoting the Armenian merchandise.

Juicing benefits are many; however, they’re critically impacted via the excellent of your juice. The degree to which you experience the advantages of juicing is determined by the degree of the best of your juice manufacturing or how it’s miles processed.

The motive of juicing is: what is in it for me? Or the end effects realized. One of the many blessings of juicing is greater strength. Juice taken from fresh raw vegetables will energize you as not anything else can, obviously, and without damaging side impacts, it may be extraordinary!

Another advantage of juicing is higher health! It’s brilliant what proper juicing will do to your fitness. I ought to relate story after story of therapies or significantly decreased signs and symptoms because of juicing. In less than 3 weeks, I decreased my blood pressure from endorsed prescription treatment to regular ranges. Many document recuperation from such illnesses as diabetes, heart issues, or even most cancers because of proper juicing.

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Armenian fruit preserves and juices are already 2

Armenian fruit preserves and juices are already