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Hot Chocolate Hacks That Will Guarantee to Get You Through Winter 1
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When winter hits hard many of us retreat to the comfort of our homes and try to avoid doing anything that requires us to go out in the cold. If you are looking for something to keep you warm this winter, look no further than hot chocolate. Hot chocolate has long been a favorite drink of the nation, but with our simple hacks, you could be experiencing a brand-new taste that perks you up and leaves you wishing for winter never to end!

Decadent Hot Chocolate Recipes for the Holidays

Use Your Slow Cooker

It may sound crazy but if you are keen to enjoy warm drinks all day or have a large family, then making hot chocolate in your slow cooker is possibly the best hack we can suggest. Start by mixing your favorite hot chocolate recipe into the slow cooker but remember to supersize it to fit the entire pot. Once it’s mixed, please put it on the low heat setting and let it slowly warm through. After a few hours, you can enjoy it by ladling it into mugs and topping it with your favorite items. What’s great is that it will stay warm all day long, being ready for you whenever you need to warm up!

Add Some Warming Spices

Sometimes a bar of standard hot chocolate doesn’t hit the spot when the weather is extra cold, but we have a solution you need to try – spices! Spicing your hot chocolate will add depth of flavor, help heal you, and keep you feeling warmer for longer once you’ve finished. Some of the most popular spices include cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, and chili, but you could also add cardamom, ginger, anise, or paprika! Try all the different herbs to find a blend that works well for you, and remember to add it in every time you decide to make a cup of cocoa.

Indulge in Your Favourite Tipple

You may think that no drink could ever beat the decadence of hot chocolate, but you’d be wrong – hot chocolate with added alcohol is the absolute best! Whether you drop in whisky to make it warm or cream liquor to make it even more luxurious, there is something to suit every taste. The great thing about spiking your hot chocolate is that you can make it as strong as you want t, depending on the occasion, but remember to be careful, as it can still leave you with a massive hangover!

Make it Thicker Than Ever.

Standard hot chocolate is often as runny as coffee or tea but topped with cream and treats to enjoy. However, if you are struggling with the cold and want a drink that will stick to your ribs, then a thickened hot chocolate may be the answer. Start by mixing chocolate and double cream in a pan and slowly heating it as your stir. Once it is hot and chocolatey, add a spoonful of cornflour to give it a ganache-like texture in which you can stand your spoon up. Then dip your treats or spoon the drink into your mouth and be amazed at how buttery it tastes – once you’ve had a thick-end cup of hot chocolate, you will never want to return to standard hot chocolate again.

Turn it Festive

With lots of festivities to enjoy over the winter season, why not hack your hot chocolate into a festive drink that everyone will want to try? This could mean spicing it up by adding flavored cre and ms and festive candy changing the hot chocolate’s flavorless love, a mint hot chocolate with candy canes, or a hot chocolate orange with whipped cream. Still, ultimately, you can switch up your recipe to make your drink suit your festive traditions. Be warned; once you’ve made a festive hot chocolate, you can expect it to become a staple requirement every year from now!

Add Extra Special Treats

Many people think that hot chocolate is an unhealthy drink, but it doesn’t have to be if you want to drink it every day. Choose low-fat hot chocolate mixes and use low-fat milk to make them, allowing you to enjoy them whenever you want. However, when you’re struggling with the winter blues or the weather is particularly bad, you may want to hack your healthy hot chocolate and make it extra special. Rather than add cream or calorific chocolate pieces, why not drop special treats at the top of your drink? Blobs of cream, handfuls of marshmallows, oats, biscuits, and flavored sweets will all leave you feeling indulgent and help to cheer you up!

Serve it With S’mores.

Our final hot chocolate hack helps you remember that you don’t have to drink it on its own to get the best from it. Drinking a hot chocolate alongside a treat like a s’more can help to take it to the next level of enjoyment and make it a more fun experience. Why not invite your nearest and dearest over for a s’mores party around a campfire and serve them hot chocolate and spooky stories too? Not only will you love the tastes you get to eat, but you’ll also be able to create some happy memories even when it’s cold and dark outside!

Hack Your Hot Chocolate

With so many hacks, you can be certain that your hot chocolate will taste amazing this winter, leaving you ready to face whatever Mother Nature brings! Think about the hacks we’ve shared, and then pick out the ones that suit you best to try. If your loved ones also struggle with the cold season, why not treat them to their hot chocolate set so they can enjoy hacking their hot drinks too? They’ll thank you for years to come!

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Hot Chocolate Hacks That Will Guarantee to Get You Through Winter 2

Hot Chocolate Hacks That Will Guarantee to Get You Through Winter