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You’re by no means out of options when starvation strikes in the 2010s and want an immediate fix. Numerous instantaneous snacks come with their share of artificial flavors and stabilizers, a given with processed ingredients. Before the age of instant noodles and home shipping aggregators, you had to think on your feet to quickly craft a snack or meal for a surprising traveler or to meet your very own starvation cravings.

And most instances, you needed to work with available substances. Rava dosa is one such dish; you do not want fermented batter in this situation. And then there is the Mor Kali, a short repair in lots of houses in Tamil Nadu.

Mor Kali


You’re in no way out of alternatives whilst hunger strikes within the 2010s and need an instant repair. But many of those immediate snacks include their percentage of artificial flavors and stabilizers, a given with processed foods. Before the age of on-the-spot noodles and domestic shipping aggregators, you had to suppose for your ft to fast craft a snack or meal for an unexpected traveler or to satisfy your own starvation cravings.

And maximum instances you needed to paintings with available substances. Rava dosa is one such dish; you do not need fermented batter in this case. And then there may be the Mor Kali, a quick restoration in many houses in Tamil Nadu.

This dish combines two ingredients – rice flour and curd. It takes its name from the Tamil word for buttermilk – ‘more.’ It’s quick and quite simple, mainly after getting the method proper. Just like maximum kids nowadays, I by no means fancied consuming dishes that didn’t sound thrilling. I best ate the more kali after my mom dubbed it as salt cake. Rice flour cake is probably a better description given the principle aspect. Rice flour and curd is a famous blend for an easy face p.C.

That is believed to be an excellent anti-tan restore. This mix is also used for an immediate dosa of kinds. Blend curd and rice flour with chopped onions, tomatoes, and coriander, and you’ve your dosa mix prepared. It’s almost as smooth as the prep for a besan chilla, crafted with besan flour in India’s many elements.

The more kali calls for even much fewer paintings than making a Rava dosa or a chilla. The key’s bitter curd needs to be slowly combined with the rice flour to create a light batter-like mixture without lumps. While it is first-rate to leave the curd out of the fridge for about six hours for the bitter flavor, I’ve observed that including a small amount of lemon juice as you whisk the curd is a tremendous shortcut.

Once you have got your combination, you ‘mood’ a few flavoring substances in oil, then add water before adding the rice flour mixture. The trick is to make certain that the mixture does not get lumpy or keep on with the pan as it cooks in a brief time.

Sesame oil or gingelly oil is ideal for this dish; however, you could alternative it if you do not fancy the flavor. The other trick I found out from my grand aunt in Mumbai (see recipe) is to apply ‘more milage that interprets to buttermilk chili. These chilies are flavored and dehydrated before being preserved, after which fried nearly until they’re charred. It’s a popular accompaniment for curd rice. These chilies add tang and spice to the dish, but you could also use dried purple chilies.

Grease a deep dish or plate with gingelly oil.

Whisk the curd and upload slowly to the rice flour. Make certain they are no lumps. Add the water to the aggregate. Keep aside.

‘Temper’ the components in the oil. Add a small amount of water after you mood the ingredients and allow it to boil. Pour the rice flour mixture into the pan and constantly stir on a low to medium flame for approximately 5 mins. You will recognize the dish is done whilst it does not stick with your arms.

Pour it directly into the dish. You could have it piping hot or let it cool for a couple of minutes, slather it with a few idli powders blended with oil (non-obligatory). You can reduce them into chunk-sized squares as soon as it cools down slightly.

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Mor Kali Or Rice Flour Cake