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Enclosed kitchen stool maintains my 1-year-antique safe 1
Ashley A. Stanfield
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I bought the $169 Guidecraft Classic Kitchen Helper Stool because my 1-year-antique daughter continually desires to see what I’m doing. This offers her a front-row seat within the kitchen, so I can sincerely prepare meals.

It’s easy to set up and took 10 minutes, and smooth to fold away when no longer in use.

The design could be robust, and the adjustable tiers and removable mesh protector make this a product to grow with her until she attains the kitchen counter on her own.

Kitchen stool

I actually have so many fond recollections of status on a chair and helping my mother and father in the kitchen as a kid. Even before I had my daughter Ellie, I’d pictured baking vacation cookies and making a homemade pasta sauce with my own youngsters supporting me within the kitchen.

But those images in my head always involved tons of older youngsters – youngsters who can definitely assist in the kitchen. I in no way pictured a younger toddler standing on the kitchen counter with me, even though Ellie reputedly has a specific photo in her head.

She likes to study and is constantly inquisitive about what I’m doing, so if I leave her to play on the floor whilst I’m cooking or baking, she’s no longer a delighted camper. She’s best twelve months, so it’s definitely now not safe to have her stand on a chair through the counter.

Enter the Guidecraft Kitchen Helper. It’s an enclosed adjustable kitchen stool that accurately puts Ellie right at the counter with me, and although it’s $169, it’s been a total recreation changer and is really really worth the price.

Before I had the Kitchen Helper, I’d try to cook dinner meals with one hand even as I held Ellie within the different. This wasn’t easy or secure, specifically after I become close to the range or I had to use a knife. Now, she receives to look at everything I’m doing even as I have both hands free, and she or he’s happy and entertained the complete time.

The complete product is fabricated from very strong and robust wooden. The stool folds up right away and easily while you want to shop it and takes less than a minute to unfold and set up when you’re equipped to use it. I may even set it up with one hand if I’m protecting Ellie inside the different.

The stool comes with a non-slip mat for kids to stand on simultaneously as inside the stool, and a Kitchen Helper Keeper, which is a mesh overlaying for the open facet of the stool in which kids would step in or out. Once Ellie gets big enough, we’ll take this off to climb in and out on her own, but for now, it allows hold her secure and at ease in the stool.

The Kitchen Helper comes in five distinctive colors so that you can select the only that best suits your kitchen. We chose white. I like the layout because it looks greater like a bit of furnishings than a child’s object or toy, but it still has a few lovely features that might hold youngsters entertained, like shape cutouts on the sides (greater on that later), a touch chalkboard on one aspect, and a touch whiteboard on the alternative aspect. Since Ellie remains so younger, she hasn’t used these yet. However, I could see them laugh for her to play with or write the dinner menu when she gets older.

For now, Ellie loves looking at me from the stool while playing with bowls and measuring cups. I also use the stool every often to feed her a little appetizer if she gets hungry, even as I’m cooking dinner. I like that I can nevertheless supervise her even as she’s consuming, as an alternative of having her run away whilst I’m nonetheless in the kitchen.

This stool has already made getting ready meals so much less worrying, and I can tell that Ellie loves it too, due to the fact if I begin cooking without her within the Kitchen Helper, she’ll stroll over to it and point at it.

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Enclosed kitchen stool maintains my 1-year-antique safe 2

Enclosed kitchen stool maintains my 1-year-antique safe