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Here’s a unique and tasty recipe for the foodies; Mughlai Cuisine is one of the famous dishes from the Mughal Era. The dish is prepared using chicken or goat meat, seasoned with spices such as cumin and coriander, and accompanied by pickle, onion, tomatoes, and fresh coriander leaves.

Mughlai cuisine is not just a dish but a lifestyle. Mughlai cuisine is known for its complex flavors and unique presentation. It mixes spices, herbs, and various meat cooked in aromatic sauces. It was once considered a royal diet because it was served at the royal courts.

The cuisine of the Mughals is famous for its rich spices, aromatics, and sweet ingredients. These traditional dishes include biryani, korma, keema all, khichdi, and murgh makhani. But with time, the Mughal court chefs moved away from this conventional cuisine to make their dishes more palatable to commoners.

This recipe is inspired by the Indian dishes served at my family’s restaurant. It combines the rich flavors of the north Punjab region and the Mughal empire’s light flavors in the south. It’s a fusion of two different cuisines.

This is an easy recipe for Indian street food. Just add water to the mixture and let it boil. I’ve tested it on my friends and family, and they loved it! If you love Indian food and want something healthy, quick, and delicious, look no further.

What is Mughlai cuisine?

Mughlai cuisine is a style of cooking that originated in the Punjab region of northern India. It is known for its distinct spices, herbs, and sauces.

Mughlai cuisine

It’s also a cooking style famous for its use of charcoal, mustard seeds, black pepper, coriander seeds, fenugreek seeds, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, cumin, coriander, turmeric, saffron, and other herbs and spices.

A Mughlai meal typically includes a variety of dishes such as lamb curry, chicken tikka masala, paneer (Indian cottage cheese), sabzi (a spicy vegetable dish), ras malai (a creamy cheese dish), tandoori bread, papri chaat (an Indian street food), korma (a sauce of seasoned meat or fish), sherbet (a drink made from fruit juice and ice), and pulao (a rice dish).

History of Mughlai cuisine

Mughlai cuisine has existed since the Mughal Empire was introduced from Persia and Central Asia. “It has a strong base of Persian influence,” says food historian David Burton. “The Persians and the Arabs brought in many of their cooking traditions, including spice use.” But the Mughals were also influenced by the cuisine of the Indian subcontinent — which includes food from across the Indian peninsula, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

The original recipes were brought to India by the Mughal Emperor Akbar in 1561. Since then, Mughlai cuisine has been known for its flavors and aromatic flavors. Indian influences included a liking for the spiciness of chili, says Burton, and a taste for sweet, sour, and spicy curries that are common today.

What are some popular Mughlai dishes?

Mughlai cuisine is a mixture of spices and herbs. There’s no hard and fast rule on what ingredients go where, but the food base tends to be from Punjab in the north and Mughal-era cooking in the south. There are wide varieties of Mughlai cuisine. The most famous is Mughlai chicken, a rich curry with lots of butter.

Mughlai chicken is the national dish of Pakistan and has been called the ‘poor man’s chicken’. It’s usually served with rice. Other curries include mutton korma, chicken korma, beef korma, fish korma, and egg korma. The dishes are often spicy, and the cooking method is usually slow.”

The cuisine is considered by many to be the finest in the world. Here’s a recipe for a simple tandoori chicken. You can easily make this at home, as it’s not that difficult and requires very few ingredients. I love this dish and serve it with plain basmati rice.

How to cook Mughlai dishes

I’ve always loved Mughlai cuisine, but I didn’t know how to cook it until I decided to start my restaurant. I quickly learned that the ingredients and techniques of Mughlai cuisine are quite different from those of other Indian cuisines.

While I can cook all the other Indian dishes in my restaurant, I couldn’t cook the Mughlai ones because I didn’t understand the ingredients and techniques. That’s why I asked my friend, Sajid, who runs a successful Mughlai restaurant in Dubai, for his advice on how to cook authentic Mughlai food.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do you like to eat?

A: I like Indian food! I love the combination of spices. My family loves it, too. We try to cook with our ingredients whenever possible rather than purchasing ready-made foods.

Q: How would you describe Mughlai cuisine?

A: Mughlai cuisine is a mix of spicy and sweet. It has a lot of spices in it, but not too hot.

Q: What are some dishes that you enjoy eating?

A: Chicken Tikka Masala and Mughlai Dum Aloo. Those are my favorites.

Q: What’s your favorite dish in Mughlai cuisine?

A: I like the Mughlai Dum Aloo. It’s a potato dish with onions and spinach. It’s very simple but delicious.

Top Myth about Mughlai Cuisine

1. Mughlai Cuisine is very spicy and hot.

2. Mughlai Cuisine is very dry and doesn’t have any gravy.

3. Mughlai cuisine is difficult to prepare.

4. Mughlai food is very high in calories.

5. Mughlai food is not light and healthy.


Mughlai cuisine is a style of Indian cooking originating in the Mughal Empire of India. It is characterized by the use of ingredients that are typical of the cuisine of the Indian subcontinent, such as chilies, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, mint, and coriander.

Mughlai cuisine is widely accepted as a modern interpretation of the original Mughlai cuisine, which has been described as “the finest form of Indian cooking.” In the 18th and 19th centuries, Mughlai cuisine was practiced in the courts of the Mughal Empire.

Mughlai cuisine includes various dishes, including appetizers, curries, kebabs, makhaniya, raita, rogan josh, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka masala, fish, vegetables, salads, desserts, and drinks.

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