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Red Rice Recipes: One of the commonplace foods of Indian delicacies, rice enjoys being the maximum essential food crop of the sub-continent except being tagged because of the most flexible and promising one. And why not now? Rice is one dish you could pair any curried dish with, from chicken to lentils, or use it to assemble something from a starter to luxurious cakes. In India’s diverse elements, rice is considered an auspicious symbol of fertility and lifestyle. It is one of the maximum popular food vegetation and cowl around one-fourth of India’s full-cropped location that feeds about 1/2 of its populace.

Red Rice Recipes

Even though it is essential to almost every delicacy, the debate around how rice isn’t a healthful option has existed for a long time. There are four sorts of rice that we’ve got, with white rice being the maximum, not unusual, and the only this is usually under the scanner. White rice is an enormously delicate model of raw rice that’s hulled and milled. The processing and milling of uncooked rice take away vast grain elements- bran and germ, which can be rich in nutritional fibers and different healthy nutrients.

Dr. Ritika Samaddar, Max Healthcare Saket, New Delhi, concurs and provides that the sharpening of raw rice eliminates essential nutrients- approximately 67% of nutrition B3, 80% of diet B1, half of phosphorus and manganese except iron and vital fatty acids- which makes white rice left with starch that may be an obstacle for the ones looking to manage weight. This is wherein other healthier, colored options come into the photo.

Red rice is every other famous rice side brown rice that is most widely to be had. Red rice is both un-hulled or partly hulled, which means we will chew at the bran or germ brimming with many beneficial homes. Red rice is Kerala’s trademark, called ‘puzhukkalari’ or ‘matta rice,’ acknowledged for its distinct flavor, fluffy texture, and rose-colored hue. Rich in antioxidants, called anthocyanin, help reduce inflammation, hypersensitive reactions, prevent the threat of cancer, and aid in weight management.

If you’re seeking to lose a little weight and control your digestion and metabolism, you do not need to let cross the staple dish of rice. Here we have curated some exciting purple rice recipes you can prepare domestically.

Here Are 4 Best Red Rice Recipes To Try At Home:

1. Avail with Red Rice

A traditional south Indian delicacy, the vial with crimson rice is a popular Kerala dish that incorporates the goodness of a host of greens like drumsticks, potatoes, uncooked banana, and uncooked mango carrots at the side of green chilies. Served with red rice, this is a great lunch recipe to put together at home.

2. Red Rice Vermicelli Kheer

Made in about 30 minutes, this delectable kheer is packed with the goodness of vermicelli manufactured from purple rice at the side with saffron, almonds, cardamom, and milk. It is the right Indian dessert to put together for special activities.

3. Red Rice Poha

A vital breakfast recipe, give your poha some other wholesome twist by adding the goodness of crimson rice. Sauteed with mushrooms, white wine, and tomatoes, this crimson rice recipe would be an excellent way to gorge on all the nutrients scrumptiously!

4. Barley And Red Rice Salad

Salad is an amazing idea to enhance energy and cater healthfully to one’s starvation pangs! Here is a delectable but nutritious salad recipe filled with barley, kidney beans, corn, pomegranate, apricots, and purple rice with tantalizing orange juice, lemon juice, pepper, salt, thyme, and basil dressing. Easy and short to prepare at domestic, this is a top-notch manner to reinforce your strength.

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Red Rice Recipes To Try At Home