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What Fast Food Makes The Best Leftovers? 1
Ashley A. Stanfield
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What’re the high-quality rapid meals to eat as leftovers? (Inspired with the aid of an overdue night Popeye’s run this weekend, that is my solution)

Yeah, it’s Popeyes. Many of my colleagues said pizza, but I’d a lot rather eat leftover Popeyes than a reheated pizza. Not even close, actually. In truth, I over-order each time I visit Popeyes, and the purpose I accomplish is because I am sexy for fried hen and because I understand that if I come to be with leftovers, that’s a true blessing. The second location goes to any bloodless sub from Subway because, properly, it’s a chilly sub from Subway. It became, in all likelihood, a day old while you purchased the fucking issue anyway. It’ll hold just pleasant. The bread at Subway does not obey widespread laws of bread thermodynamics.

Honorary mentions Chick-fil-A nuggets, which might be clean to reheat in the toaster oven and flavor suitable enough as leftovers to help me forget the moral compromise I made in patronizing an enterprise. This is the top social justice priority of mind-diseased Texan governors. Those nuggets fare higher after night within the fridge than a full-on CFA sandwich. Once you have to hold a griddled bun of any type, you’re doomed. Ditto any stray moist pickle slices.

Fast Food

Luis says the worst leftover fast meal is Taco Bell, and whilst I’m sure it’s a sturdy contender, I might notice that the flavor of any speedy food burger, mainly a low-hire one from the likes of Wendy’s, has half of the lifestyles of francium-223. You need to consume that burger right away. Otherwise, it turns into a dust bunny. I know a McDonald’s hamburger can take a seat out at room temperature and, way to the funeral parlor preservatives tucked therein, can remain intact for 783 consecutive days. But that doesn’t mean it’s gonna taste proper on that 783rd day.

Because our society lacks VISION, or because a bagel is the right thickness to house cream cheese, that is thick and hefty and calls for 50,000g of starch underneath to counterbalance its fatty strength. One day, some enterprising café proprietor will start presenting cream cheese toast as an opportunity to avocado toast. Then it’ll take off, after which Bloomberg will tweet a few shits like, “Millennials may want to come up with the money for most cancers surgical treatment if they didn’t spend so much each month on cream cheese toast!” That’s all coming. For now, cream cheese stays tethered to the bagel.

When I was a kid, I became this kind of little bagel hog that, as soon as I had depleted a bag of Lender’s from the shop, my mother would make me cream cheese sandwiches on a white bread toast. And I loved them. I had no petty foodie grievances with that sandwich because I was young and fats and (on occasion) glad. What’s unusual is I never consuming them once I became a grownup. Time to fix that…

Not awful. Pretty edible. I forgot that cream cheese is hard to unfold on regular toast without compromising the bread. Hence, bagels. You may want to unfold drying cement across a bagel, and the bagel might preserve the company.

Absolutely. Do you recognize that the movie is over 30 years old, proper? No-one beneath the age of 40, be they military or civilian, is required to deal with Top Gun like it’s the fucking ebook of Matthew. It’s okay if popular old movies like that become getting fairly lost to destiny generations. Kids these days can continually see the shitty Top Gun sequel that’s coming if they sense (or, extra appropriately, their dad and mom experience) that they MUST get caught up at the TGEU.

I changed into at a 4th of July birthday party, and the hosts positioned the authentic on for the kids to observe. The children have been mildly interested only because the shit that becomes rated PG lower back then (and Top Gun became certainly rated PG) had loads more risqué shit in it than PG movies do now. The only films that advantage a PG score in 2019 are CGI youngster movies with one double entendre about beer. Otherwise, you soar right to PG-13. Meanwhile, ’80s PG films have cursed and ingesting and children rolling joints and silhouettes fucking to Berlin songs and Gremlins exploding in microwaves. Whole different access point for cream cheese sandwich-ingesting mongrels which includes me.

But you’re asking about complete-grown ladies and men meaning to be Navy pilots. I’m sure the rear admiral in charge of educating these people will splice the occasional clip or still from Top Gun into a PowerPoint presentation detailing why we need to invade Iran to maintain Lockheed Martin satisfied. And I’m certain some senior officers try and pass the whole football teach and force pilots to watch the film to get psyched just before heading out on a sortie.

But those senior officers are growing old out of direct obligation, and who says their replacements should give a shit about a film that old? I guess half of all Navy air personnel now go out in their manner to explain how they’re NOT like Top Gun. “That film got it all incorrect, bro. You buzz an air tower nowadays, and that gets you time inside the brig, dude.” Navy people are like other human beings in that they want any stereotypes approximately them to be PERFECT. I recognize I do.

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What Fast Food Makes The Best Leftovers? 2

What Fast Food Makes The Best Leftovers?