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DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. – An armed robber is on the run after a shootout out of doors at a fast-food restaurant.

Bullet holes can nonetheless be visible in Mrs. Winners Chicken and Biscuits’ windows alongside Glenwood Road in DeKalb County.

A tire store owner nearby advised Channel 2’s Kristen Holloway that he’s grateful to be alive after a person opened hearth so close to his commercial enterprise and then at him.
“About two gunshots, and I fast rushed down, and I saw the relaxation of the people strolling,” the shop proprietor stated, asking no longer to be diagnosed.

The guy said he noticed customers strolling from the eating place simply after four p.M. Thursday after police say a person with a gun went inner and commenced shooting at customers while consuming lunch, after which demanded cash from them.
Police are still investigating if he took money from the eating place.

“He been in this location for a while, but I by no means knew that changed into his purpose,” the store owner stated


The gunfire did not stop there. Before the commercial enterprise proprietor may want to soar in and assist, he informed Holloway that bullets began flying at him.

“As quickly as I step over there, the fellow started capturing, shooting at me. Then I fired again, then he drove off,” the shop owner stated.

Only the force through became open Friday after those photographs have been fired outside and inside the restaurant.

Three bullet holes remain in one of the front home windows. A large crack with any other bullet hollow is in another window.

The tire shop owner instructed Holloway that he incorporates his weapon always and remains alert because of all the crime in the vicinity.

“Shootings every day. Drug, prostitution, you name them. We need safety round right here. We want officers around here,” the store owner stated.

Police have not launched a description of the shooter. However, there are visible cameras both inside and outside Mrs. Winner’s that may have captured the incident. We are checking with the police for more statistics.

According to Wikipedia.Org: “Fast meals is the term given to food that may be prepared and served in no time…Generally the term refers to meals offered in an eating place or keep with preheated or precooked elements, and served to the consumer in a packaged form for take-out/take-away.”

Fast food dates returned lengthy earlier than the 21st century but. For instance, in the towns of historical Rome, road carriers had stands that bought bread soaked in wine as a short snack in the mornings, and cooked vegetables and stews had been sold in easy eating institutions later inside the day.

Many humans dwelling in urban areas at some point of these instances had no approach to putting together or preparing dinner their very own food to rely on these vendors for their food. During the Middle Ages, large cities and predominant urban regions and London and Paris had many vendors that offered dishes that include pies, pastries, flans, waffles, pancakes, and cooked meats.

Like Rome’s early cities, many of those companies catered to people who did not have the method to prepare dinner their own food or have enough money housing with kitchen facilities. Thus, they relied on rapid meals.

As we rapidly ahead to 1916, a gentleman by the call of Walter Anderson had built the first White Castle eating place in Wichita, Kansas. He introduced a low-cost, restrained menu, high quantity hamburger restaurant. People appreciated the low-value hamburger, fries, and colas that had been presented. As time went on, more and more fast food establishments had been opened, and acquainted attractions that include the ‘golden arches’ have emerged as mainstream places to devour.

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Armed robber on the run after shootout outside speedy-meals restaurant