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Ashley A. Stanfield
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Quite what the Italians control to attain from a circle of bread and cheese continues to be something of a surprise to us strangers. And like an amply-stuffed crust, Rome can fully please any foreigner’s lust for a satisfactory pizza. From al taglio on-the-visit a sit down-down dinner with buddies, there are so many options to be had, we should write an e-book. But, even as we wait for a publishing deal, right here are our top picks.


Best Pizza in Rome

For pizza al tagline, ‘through the slice,’ it’s difficult to find higher than local meals superstar Gabriele Bonci’s Pizzarium. Sold with the aid of weight, you’ll discover many combinations on the counter of this Cipro-primarily based rapid meals mecca, from the delicious simplicity of potato and mozzarella to luxurious shrimp.

The tiny store is generally complete with bursting around lunchtime, so you’ll cram yourself into a corner and preserve standing to chow down to your doughy pride.
Found at: Via Della Meloria (close to the Cipro metro stop)

Panattoni (Ai Marmi)

Trastevere’s Ai Marmi is one of Rome’s exceptional-recognized pizzerias, with tables outside to sit and soak up the surroundings.

This Roman group takes its name from the cold white marble desktops. Yes, it does suggest the indoors barely resembles a morgue. Still, after you dive into your pizza, sitting elbow-to-elbow with your neighboring pizza fanatics, you soon find out this region serves up a slice of Italian existence.

Firm favorites are their Margherita, Napoletana, and marinara, but other combos like sausage and courgette flower are to die for.

Found at: Viale Trastevere (Trastevere)
La Gatta Mangiona

You might not anticipate getting your tastebuds tickled at a cat-themed restaurant, but this pizzeria is an actual Roman gem.

You’ll locate extra range at the menu right here than your wellknown pizza parlor, with elements like Scottish smoked salmon and Calabrian nduja.

With the brusque 0-fuss provider’s form not unusual in non-touristy regions of town, you need the handiest concentration on deciding on and devouring the appropriate pie.

And, in case you have been questioning, regardless of the quirky call, no cats are worried about making those pizzas.

Found at: Via Federico Ozanam (Monteverde Nuovo)
Da Remo

Based on foody haven Testaccio, the region finds a real Roman-style pizza – thin, crisp, and crunchy.

Simplicity reigns right here – try La Gatta Mangiona if you’re seeking something unusual. Classic pizzas, made in a wooden-burning oven, fast made, quickly enjoyed.

The pleasant environment has masses of Roman-style banter and flirty wisecracking servers.

Found at: Piazza di Santa Maria Liberatrice (Testaccio). This location made the reduce because it’s now not your typical tough-and-geared-up pizzeria; however, it serves pinnacle high-quality dough.

Here you’ll locate the best dough baked with the highest pleasant artisanal components. It’s a bit extra luxurious than others, but you get what you pay for in this fancier venue.

It might come as no wonder that this pizzeria is another addition to the Roscioli family’s Roman empire.

Found at: Via del Monte della Farina (Campo di Fiori)
Simple to Run

We in no way give it a whole lot of idea that an oven is generally boxed-shaped. Who could consider that another shape might be related to a range? We need to stretch our imagination a piece and accept the opportunity that a degree doesn’t should be container-formed, and it can not even want a door. There is a round pizza oven, much like most pizzas, and it doesn’t need a door to surround the pizza, a good way to heat it. The pizza sits atop a spherical pan or platter that rotates between pinnacle and backside heating factors. This pizza oven was designed only for making pizzas and not all the other meals normally baked or broiled in a counter pinnacle toaster oven.

Cleans Easily

Maybe the effort it takes to ease up after making one prevents us from indulging in more pizza. If we want to minimize the important choir of cleaning up after baking and eating a pizza, we can also search for pizza ovens that might be clean to smooth up. Look for pizza ovens with non-stick surfaces that are smooth to wipe easily with a humid cloth.

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Best Pizza in Rome