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Swiss milk processor Emmi Group has acquired the Italian producer of dessert products Pasticceria Quadrifoglio for an undisclosed sum.

The employer has stated that Italian dessert specialties are a vital strategic place for Emmi Group’s growth in Europe. This transaction aims to help and expand its existing dessert community. Pasticceria Quadrifoglio is the fourth player to join Emmi’s Dessert Italia network, which currently comprises three production locations in Gattico, Pero, and Lasnigo in Northern Italy. Adding Pasticceria Quadrifoglio, which has two manufacturing sites near Modena, is expected to extend Emmi’s manufacturing and distribution abilities.

Italian dessert

Pasticceria Quadrifoglio is a well-set-logo within the Italian market, both in food retail and the food service region. Emmi expects the purchase to offer new impetus for the dessert community, especially within the catering zone.

Popular products from Pasticceria Quadrifoglio’s variety consist of the Sorbissimo range, a sorbet drink served in Italian between courses or desserts. The new subsidiary’s other dessert specialties, which might be bought as unmarried servings in glass packaging, were key to its double-digit increase. Pasticceria Quadrifoglio is also a successful participant in Italian gelato.

1. Do not use delicate merchandise

Eating everyday food full of processed foods can bring undernourishment and weight advantage. This occurs because processed foods are often processed to a quantity that loses their nutritional value. Refined foods are the simplest and rich in fats and energy. So, avoid the usage of enormously processed foods for your dessert. Replace delicate white flour with complete grain mixes. Similarly, avoid white sugar and use alternative sweeteners in your desserts.

2. Use natural sweeteners

Instead of using a massive amount of delicate sugars, you could move for herbal sweeteners to add to the flavor of your dessert. Refined sugars can boom blood sugar tiers immediately, leading to weight benefits—sophisticated merchandise like white sugar, corn syrup, processed honey, and maple syrup. Rather than using delicate sweeteners on your cakes, you can use natural sweeteners like brown sugar or pure love.

Also, do not use artificial sweeteners in your dessert. Artificial sweeteners comprise Aspartame which has been related to diseases like Alzheimer’s. Another suitable supply of sweetness in dessert is the culmination. Sugar present, in actuality, is a complicated shape that does not immediately boost blood sugar. Moreover, completion comprises anti-oxidants that can be right for your health and nourishment.

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Emmi acquires Italian dessert producer Pasticceria Quadrifoglio