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Mangieri’s Pizza Café serves Italian cuisine 1
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Piper and Tony Mangieri opened a modest takeout Italian eating place thirteen years ago in Circle C Ranch. However, in the years due to the fact, Mangieri’s Pizza Café has grown to come to be a local dine-in option—ready with a full bar and indoor and outside seating—with shipping and pickup available. They’ve even opened a second vicinity inside the Lakeway place.

Piper said the couple’s ardor has continually been at the pleasant of their food. Mangieri’s serves pizzas, pasta, salads, calzones, hot sandwiches, and appetizers.

Ingredients are natural and domestically sourced after they may be, and the menu consists of gluten-loose pasta and dough and options that cater to vegetarians and vegans, she said.

Mangieri’s Pizza Café

“We’ve usually cared approximately fine, however clean meals are extra reachable now [than when we started],” Piper said. “It charges us greater; however, we really want to provide a great product to people.”

Piper stated the latest addition to the menu is Olivia’s Alfredo—a take on the classic Italian dish using penne pasta in homemade Alfredo sauce with peas, bacon, caramelized onions, and mushrooms. Another newer choice is the Wild Boar—a pepperoni pizza with jalapenos, mushrooms, mozzarella, and Parmigiano-Reggiano. Piper said all pizzas are made from scratch and made-to-order.

“Hopefully, we stand out due to our topping selection,” she stated. “We’re flexible. We allow clients to put something they need on their pizza.”

In an enterprise that has greatly embraced technology that reduces purchaser contact in current years, Piper stated Mangieri’s group of workers makes it positive they hold up with customers and grow with the community.

“Maybe we’re back a little,” she said. “We like the feeling of having our regular clients come in and experience like a circle of relatives.”

Piper said instead of traditional advertising, Mangieri tries to be a lively community member, hosting college spirit nights and sponsoring nearby groups and golf equipment.

“I clearly strive to say sure to the one’s possibilities as a lot as I can due to the fact the community is the motive we’re right here,” she said. “This network is first-rate, and we’ve had such a lot of community participants in our body of workers. We’re an area people can have their first processor wherein veterans can come. We’re obsessed with that.”

The Italian delicacies are one of the maximum thrilling and simple cuisines inside the international and are preferred by using pretty much everybody, young and old, Italians and non-Italians. The primary cause of this appreciation for certain is that it’s miles very numerous and offers many picks to satisfy each desire. Another cause is likewise due to the fact Italy is a land with such an antique history. Over the numerous centuries, the influx of the one-of-a-kind human beings that have traveled thru Italy have left their mark.

Nowadays, when human beings communicate with the Mediterranean Diet, the primary delicacies that involve thoughts are, for certain, the Italian Cuisine. So how does the Mediterranean Diet translate into Italian Recipes that you possibly can make at domestic? Let’s test some recipe corporations:

Italian Pasta Recipes: All Italians love pasta, and they nearly devour it each day. Many times they consume it two times a day, for lunch and breakfast. The motive for this love is because Italians have created this type of massive form of pasta shapes that may be observed through a completely huge form of sauces and condiments that can actually fulfill the goals of all of us in the circle of relatives. Of route, Spaghetti, by way of ways, can be the most popular pasta reduce, but many others are quickly catching up. Lasagna, Ravioli, Rigatoni, Tortellini are only a few that should be referred to.

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Mangieri’s Pizza Café serves Italian cuisine 2

Mangieri’s Pizza Café serves Italian cuisine