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A new investigation from the Disneyland group at the Disneyland of agricultural tourism, Fair Oaks Farms, is now spotlighting the natural dairy industry. The Animal Recovery Mission’s latest goal is Natural Prairie Dairy, a natural operation supplying uncooked milk for the in-residence organic brands of several supermarket chains nationwide.

Kroger and Meijer introduced Friday that they’re suspending milk deliveries from the Texas-based dairy. While ARM’s founder says the research proves there’s no difference between organic and traditional milk, a consultant from the leading organic trade organization argues that what’s truly needed is more potent enforcement.

Organic Milk

The Great American Milk Myth

Milk had become a fixture of the American weight-reduction plan all through the first half of the 20th century when an increase in milk manufacturing coincided with the massive notion that milk becomes crucial for developing robust, wholesome youngsters. However, intake quotes for milk have been on the decline ever for reason that many American dads and moms still don’t forget milk is a crucial part of their young youngsters’ food plan, regularly insisting on organic dairy milk, even though the rest in their grocery cart can be traditional foodstuffs.

“When I grew up, I believed inside the photograph on the milk carton of the cow with the pink barn within the heritage, status in the inexperienced pasture with their infant next to them,” says Richard Couto. The founder of ARM says he formerly switched from conventional dairy to organic, but now liquids best plant-based, totally milk.

The grazing dairy cow is an icon of the American meals gadget. However, maximum Americans don’t realize plenty greater than that iconic photo. Agritourist operations like Fair Oaks Farms are an effort to bridge the hole of the record. However, the undercover video from ARM made that attempt unexpectedly seem suspect. Does Fair Oaks certainly tell customers, or is it simply a commercial for the agriculture enterprise? A representative from Fair Oaks Farms declined to comment for this tale.

Are Organic Cows Better Off?

Most shoppers think about health, not animal welfare, after choosing organic (even though most of the evidence doesn’t support that). Still, films like the ones from ARM can shake up those priorities, forcing consumers to confront the fact of the way their food is produced. No one desires to see animal abuse or dirty stalls and experience it like they’re complicit in the animal struggle.

Much like all licensed natural food, certified raw milk must be produced by the federal law that makes the USDA organic fashionable. That regulation has some of the provisions supposed to ensure proper treatment of animals; however, all of it starts with the basis that natural farm animals be kept in living situations that support their herbal behaviors.

That premise isn’t new. One of the middle animal welfare tenets expressed in the Five Animal Welfare Freedoms was first developed in 1965. Couto says situations at Natural Prairie are miles from one’s core tenets. “The vicinity is filthy…There weren’t sufficient stalls for the cows. They’re overpopulated,” he says.

In a respectable announcement released July 26, Donald and Cheri De Jong, proprietors of Natural Prairie Dairy, dispute those claims, calling the video “closely edited.” Also, they admit several of the video sequences warrant additional investigation. The De Jongs have now requested unbiased auditors to be available and conduct research, the consequences of which were now not functional with the aid of the guide date of this article.

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New Undercover Investigation Challenges Organic Milk