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Toddler’s viral birthday cake fail didn’t make her a ‘Loser’ 2
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But while Melin Jones, 27, picked up a Walmart cake for daughter Elizabeth’s second birthday party, she turned into in a rush to get home and didn’t check the icing message before leaving.
“Little did I know lifestyles lessons had been about available,” the mother from Bonne Terre, Missouri, wrote in a now-viral Facebook submit approximately what took place next.
“I’m unloading the automobile and fast glance down on the cake and observed that the employee wrote ‘Loser,’ not ‘Lizard,’” that’s her daughter’s nickname, Jones wrote. “At first I turned into a bit taken aback and speechless however speedy started dying giggling.”
Go figure: This internet sensation truly befell final June 30 — but the tale is selecting up a lot of traction on social media that Jones published a replace this week, clarifying some of the information.

Toddler’s viral birthday cake fail didn’t make her a ‘Loser’ 1

“[I wanted to share] a touch more records because some of the information stations have without a doubt butchered it and have false statements,” she stated.
After noticing the botched icing job, Jones took the cake inner and snapped an image of her toddler searching at it with a frown, to ship to husband, Dan Jones. She also published it within the humor-pushed Facebook group Sad Sales, where some judgmental commenters right away declared her the “loser.”
Elizabeth wasn’t certainly unhappy, even though.
“She can’t read so she didn’t know what the cake said,” Jones stated. “She doesn’t even recognize what a loser is.”
The backside line: Lizard’s desolate tract did now not go to waste — and nobody is mad at Walmart.
“[My husband and I] proudly ate that ‘loser’ cake, then [I] marched proper back to Walmart a few hours later and were given any other one,” Jones told People. “I didn’t point out the false impression due to the fact I didn’t need the employee to get in any problem, so I just picked out a new cake and requested for ‘Happy Birthday Elizabeth’ on it.”

When will you be adorning my cake?
If I need sugar vegetation on my cake, are they included in the cost of the cake or do I must purchase them one by one?
Can I visit a separate place that does sugar flowers exclusively, select out those I need, and supply them to you?
If I need actual vegetation on my cake are you willing to paintings with my florist?
How early do you need to get into the reception venue to installation the cake?
Is there a shipping price? How tons is it?
Will you slice it or shall I have someone at the venue slice the cake?
How a great deal do you fee per slice?

For the ceremonial cut, will you supply the wedding knife and server, or do I want to buy it one at a time?
*Sometimes the baker and the florist do no longer want to work collectively. I even have examined that the baker often does no longer need real vegetation everywhere close to their cake, seeing that flowers are herbal merchandise of nature, they can carry other flavors to the cake that won’t match or may additionally even ruin the decorations. You will want to speak to both the florist and the baker to exercise session the info, but hold in mind they nonetheless might not need to work together.

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Toddler’s viral birthday cake fail didn’t make her a ‘Loser’ 3

Toddler’s viral birthday cake fail didn’t make her a ‘Loser’