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Fortnite Birthday Cake Locations Guide 2
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Season 10 of Fortnite is simply around the nook, but inside the period in-between, the sport’s second birthday celebration is now underway on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, and mobile gadgets. Alongside the occasion comes any other handful of demanding situations, each of with a purpose to release new birthday-themed praise whilst completed, with a special birthday cake pickaxe looking forward to players who finish all of the responsibilities.
There is 4 birthday demanding situations to finish in total, most of that is self-explanatory and can be cleared fairly easily in reality through playing the sport as normal. The one that may give you a bit of problem, however, is to dance in front of various birthday desserts. A comparable undertaking changed into featured as part of final yr’s birthday event, but these desserts are hidden in exclusive locations, which can also pose trouble in case you do not know wherein to look. Fortunately, we’ve got put together a reachable map and manual to help you find the birthday cake locations.
Where Are The Birthday Cake Locations?

Fortnite Birthday Cake Locations Guide 1

You want to dance in front of 10 birthday desserts overall so as to complete this assignment, and they may be scattered all across Fortnite’s island. Fortunately, as soon as you understand wherein to look, the desserts must be easy enough to identify, as they’ll be surrounded through balloons. We’ve prepared a map of the birthday cake locations beneath:

How To Complete The Challenge
Once you recognize wherein to search for the birthday cakes, completing this task is virtually a count of going to the right place after which busting a pass in the front of the confection. If you are low on fitness, you could also snatch a slice of cake to recover; no longer handiest will it help refill your health and defend, it’ll be counted closer to your progress in a separate birthday challenge, permitting you to kill birds with one stone.
Unlike some different challenges of this nature, which let you revisit the same locations in exclusive suits and still make progress closer to completing the mission, you’ll want to go to 10 one of a kind desserts in order to clear this task. If you need a visible walkthrough, you may watch us entirely the undertaking within the video on the pinnacle of this manual.

A cake can be cut into layers, or desserts baked separately may be layered together.
Either manner, stage cakes are a great deal less complicated to ice than mounded ones that have to be supplemented with an overabundance of icing. Use a long serrated knife to level an uneven cake and/or to reduce it into layers. When the cake has cooled completely, set it on a cardboard round that is cut about 1⁄eight inch large than the cake.
Place the cake near the edge of the counter for greater clearance when reducing.

First, decide the cake’s lowest point. Steady the cake via gently pressing an outstretched hand on its floor. Holding the knife parallel to the paintings floor and the use of a constant sawing motion, begin slicing on the same stage as the cake’s lowest factor, slicing off the mound. Remove the trimmed vicinity.
If you are reducing the cake into layers, degree the height of the cake (that has been leveled, if vital) and reduce a small incision into the facet with a paring knife to mark the preferred thickness of your layers. Repeat every 3 or four inches around the circumference of the cake.

With a serrated knife held parallel to the work floor, cut superficially into the cake. Then, with an outstretched palm gently pressed at the floor, slowly spin the cake away from you while pulling the knife closer to you. The aim is to attach the incisions and score the cake, not slice it, to create an actually defined midpoint. Following the midpoint-marking, cut deeper and deeper in an equal manner.

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Fortnite Birthday Cake Locations Guide 3

Fortnite Birthday Cake Locations Guide