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Flame restaurant returns to Syracuse as a food truck 1
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SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Flame restaurant closed around years ago, but now there’s a new incarnation, thanks to former employees who borrowed the name and opened a food truck.
Cousins Ja Seng and Seng Awng got here to Syracuse around 5 years ago as refugees from Myanmar and started running at Flame quickly after. Flame changed into positioned at 713 E. Fayette St. In what’s now XO Taco.

The restaurant’s eclectic menu—a mixture of Turkish delicacies and pizza—in large part lives on at the meals truck, which offers a mixture of Turkish-fashion fowl and pork tan tunic wraps and Burmese rice bowls. For catering, the truck has additional options, inclusive of spring rolls and Japanese onigiri rice balls.

Turkish Cuisine
Tash Taskale, the former Flame restaurant owner and a Syracuse-based totally artist whose sculptures may be found domestically on the Everson Museum, Griffiss International Sculpture Garden, Lemp Park, Onondaga Community College, and different web sites the world over, is mentoring the pair.

The credit score Taskale for giving them the steering and braveness to open the meals truck.
“He’s a terrific teacher,” Seng stated. “We’re grateful.”

The food truck has been within the works for approximately six months, Seng stated, although her preference to start her personal, commercial enterprise started many years earlier. Both she and Awng work different jobs at night time. However, they hope to someday cognizance absolutely at the meals truck.

It appears that the Turks, just like the Italians have a knack for combining one-of-a-kind substances, spices, and flavors – Turkish delicacies are complete of creativeness, attributable to the convenience with which cooking is treated there.

First of all, delusion

Although it’s far complete of names nearly impossible to pronounce by way of a mean European correctly, it actually encourages diversity. Enough to say that it shows confusion oil, sheep’s cheese, tomatoes, bread, or even baked in eggplant tomatoes, onions, and garlic for breakfast. What, at first look, may also seem extraordinary is the manner to devour it. Turkish delicacies and their traditions recommend consuming meals with their hands. This encourages the party of meals, at the same time as the rush is really unwelcome.

Facts and myths

Contrary to famous perception, Turkish delicacies have to provide, truely several meat dishes. You can even assign to mention that it is largely based on the dishes in which one element is the meat. Of course, as recommended via the Koran, which virtually forbids pork consumption, avoids this form of meat. However, there’s very popular, for example, mutton, fish, and seafood. An extraordinary example is a kebab, thru which it is well-known in almost the whole world, and which by hook or by crook have become it is an ambassador.

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Flame restaurant returns to Syracuse as a food truck 2

Flame restaurant returns to Syracuse as a food truck