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Mughlai Restaurants In South Delhi 1
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When it involves flavors and varieties, Mughlai food is the first-class of all. It consists of dishes that had been located in medieval India in the centers of the Mughal Empire.

When it comes to flavors and types, Mughlai food is great of all. It consists of dishes that had been located in medieval India at the centers of the Mughal Empire. It showcases a mixture of cooking styles and delicious recipes of imperative Asia and North India. Some of its great dishes are biryani, Murg kebabs, Murg musallam, Mughlai paratha, and qeema matar, to call a few. If you’re fond of individual flavors, then Mughlai food is the precise choice for you! Here’s a list of pinnacle 10 eating places in South Delhi that serve true and really scrumptious Mughlai meals.

1. Moti Mahal Restaurant

Mughlai Restaurants In South Delhi

Known for its entirely delicious butter fowl and diverse Mughlai dishes, this restaurant opened up nearly five a long times in the past. The restaurant has its own reputation for serving exceptional Mughlai food with simply the right flavors! Its mouth-watering curries are an ought to attempt for any Mughlai meal lover. Burra kebab, bird tikka masala, Afghani bird, and murgh malai kebab are some of the dishes served right here that are surprisingly scrumptious.

2. Karims

Who does not recognize this well-known eatery? Karims is a one-prevent destination for all of your Mughlai food cravings! This area dishes out a few lip-smacking Mughlai cuisine that is pretty actual in flavor in addition to practice. It has branches throughout Delhi; but, its first branch changed into opened in antique Delhi. The most popular Mughlai dishes at Karim’s include mutton korma, Shahjahan murgh, mutton nihari, and reshmi seekh kebab.

3. Biryani By Kilo

Located in Shahpur Jat, this eatery is known for its biryanis and Mughlai delicacies. Some of the well-known dishes right here consist of kebabs, kormas, and phirni. What makes these places special from the others is that their fashion of cooking is specific and proper. So if you show up to be a biryani lover, then head to this location proper away!

4. Alkauser

This location gives an array of dishes that can tantalize your taste buds in only no time. Though it has a little bit of an area crunch and is greater like a takeaway, Alkauser doesn’t compromise on the taste of its food. Their carrier is pretty speedy and bendy. From reshmi kebab to mutton Gulati kebab, this vicinity has it all!

5. New Minar

Located in Greater Kailash, this restaurant is absolutely well-known for its Mughlai food and north Indian cuisine. If you’re making plans to host a circle of relatives get-together, then this location is perfect for it as it’s far pretty spacious and offers the first-rate form of mouth-watering cuisine. Chicken Burra, rogan josh, mutton masala, and mutton korma are a number of this area’s highlights!

6. The Great Kabab Factory

This top-notch restaurant in Saket serves one of the best types of kebabs in Delhi, NCR. Its lip-smacking and succulent kebabs are an absolute must-try! Pair them with a few green chutneys, and you are performed for the day.

7. Colonel’s Kababs

Colonel’s Kababz has been going for walks for nearly 28 years now and nonetheless going strong. This is on the whole as it has maintained its flavors and best. If you manifest to go to this vicinity, strive their mutton roll and Tawa chook haldighati.

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Mughlai Restaurants In South Delhi 2

Mughlai Restaurants In South Delhi